Ode to Yoda

I know I have done a lot of blogging about my kids, and a little bit of blogging about my husband, but have I yet mentioned our cat, Yoda‽ I believe not. And what a shame: Yoda is more than worthy of a mention. Where to begin?


Yoda is a 2-year-old adventure tabby. She loves climbing trees and fences and being up high where she has a good view of the day’s opportunities. She travels through the neighborhood looking for action. Everyone knows her by name and thinks they are her personal favorite.  I think she and Curious George would get along famously.


Yoda is brave; a true Jedi cat. When dogs pass her by, she does not run away in a panic. She just stands a comfortable distance away and watches them. Loud barking has no ill effect. And unlike most other cats, she has no fear of water.  Each morning, she patiently waits in the bathroom outside of the shower until the water turns off. She then enthusiastically jumps in the shower to lick up the water droplets. She also takes great pleasure in licking up the runoff from garden sprinklers.


Yoda is a cuddler too. She loves to be carried around like a baby. She puts her forearms around my neck and purrs. She only does this on her own terms of course, but it’s very endearing when it happens.


Yoda has a very dry sense of humor, always the poker face, but secretly laughing inside right along with the rest of us (see photo above).


Yoda has, on occasion, spent the night out, and then brought home the friend the next day to meet the family. (My sister-in-law Jenny was very amused by how I explained to the kids “Yoda’s friend might be a boyfriend and might be a girlfriend, but cats, like humans, get to choose.” Jen now calls Yoda our lesbian cat.)


Yoda is also very low drama with seemingly little emotional baggage. Our other cat, Midnight, by comparison, is a wreck. One footstep too close to her and she flees as if a tsunami is coming. She is a fraidy cat to the core. In truth, very few people know there’s another cat living in our home because Midnight, true to her name, is always hiding out far away from the noise… only to surface when the lights are dim. And she is obsessed with food. If for any reason Midnight is missing somewhere in the house, all I need to do is open the kitty food drawer and she is there in a flash.


But getting back to the topic at hand, Yoda. What I really have been struck by is that everyone initially assumes Yoda is a “he”, a tom cat. Yoda’s fearless, adventuresome, no nonsense spirit fools them all into thinking “boy”. Now Midnight does not have that effect; people correctly assume she is a female. Imagine that! Gender stereotyping does not stop at humans!


I’ve just decided to nominate Yoda my Handsome in Pink “Girly Girl” covergirl of 2011. She is tough, smart, ready for adventure, and is truly comfortable in her skin. Plus she loves to fish and climb trees! Congratulations Yoda! Keep being exactly who you are!


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    Whitley Genis (Friday, 14 March 2014 18:42)

    Nice article

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