One Step Back, Two Steps Forward PART 2 — or — Four Steps Forward!

Well wouldn’t you know it, we have a very happy ending to this story. Now to recap, when you last heard from us a couple days ago in my original post, “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward,” Helena’s 5-year-old son Charlie was refusing to be the Handsome in Pink model for our hang tags. With his masculinity on the line, he was actually in tears at the prospect of wearing the purple and pink dirt bike tee for the photo shoot with his twin sister, Anna. Helena gave up on recruiting Charlie and thought her 3-year-old neighbor boy was in, but that didn’t work out after all.


Now all along, Helena and I didn’t really consider having Asa, (my 7-year-old son), the original inspiration for Handsome in Pink, on the hang tag. The reason was simple.  Asa has become such a goofball lately in front of the camera; it’s actually hard to get him to make a sweet face. Here are some shots Helena and I took just a couple weeks ago of us with our children. We thought it would be nice to include in our first HiP newsletter. Can you pick out Asa? :)



Asa hamming it up

C'mon Ace, just smile nicely!


Please, Asa?


All righty then, I give up.


But when I read Asa the blog about Charlie, Asa looked at me very seriously and said, “Mama, I’d love to be on the hang tag.” So yesterday, just before the sun went down, three hours before Helena was hopping on a red eye to New York,  I grabbed Asa and headed down to Helena’s house where we had a very lively and successful photo shoot on her front lawn with him and Anna. Asa was unbelievable. No fooling around this time. He understood it was a race against the sun going down. He gave every winning smile he had. He looked deep in Anna’s eyes when directed to do so. And he rocked that Organic Dirtbike Pink and Purple tee.

Gazing deeply...


This is so fun!


Charlie watched the entire event. Charlie couldn’t take all of this fun another moment. Suddenly he had to be a part of that photo shoot. Charlie ran into the house lickety split and popped that purple and pink dirtbike tee on and ran back outside. Charlie begged to be in the photos!

What are you tawkin’ about? I love my purple and pink dirtbike tee!


Wow! After two days of crying and refusing to even put that tee on, all it took was seeing his big friend Asa feeling so comfortable being a boy in pink. Charlie moves three squares forward! (That’s because we have to make up for his one step back.)
P.S. Guess who called his mommy in New York this morning to ask where his purple shirt was cause he wanted to wear it to school! And when his mommy told him it was in the laundry, he asked if he could wear it anyway!

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    Sandra Hadley (Friday, 14 March 2014 16:17)

    Proud of my nephew, Asa:-) We love our HIP t-shirts here in Chicago!

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